Manchester United Jerseys For 2010/2011

Ok Iā€™m one of these people that hate people bring out fake jerseys and them not being the real ones, why bother? But this morning I said I would look around to find next seasons one where I seen plenty but there were two that came out as being real. Main reason the away strip is not green & gold, whoever thought of that needs to get a grip because do you really think that the Glazers would want the green & gold campaign to go any bigger?

I myself love the retro strips and the pictures of the strips that I picked for being the reals ones look like a slight copy of the 1980/1981 strip which was made by adidas.Which is just showed below.

The 2010/2011 kit will be the first Manchester United shirts that will have the new sponsor AON on the front which will be first seen when United kick of there pre-season in the United State against Celtic in July.

These are shirts for the 2010/2011 season:

So what do you think of these? Remember I have seen many and I just taught these look the most realistic of the others.

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  1. That looks possible. Don’t like the collar on the red shirt, but looks ok except for the collar. Looks better than the current shirt

  2. I think the collar will be something that most of the fans will like because it brings back the good memory’s of Eric “The King” remember when he used to point his collar up the way? Yes I agree looks better then our 2009/2010 strip!

  3. it is all right and i were like it to be good luck like the old one and that one is from 1980s

  4. Yeah I’m a fan of the collar also looks great. I think this shirt will bring Manchester United success! Come on you Red Devils! MUFC,,LUHG,,GGMU

  5. Loveing these shirts! think il buy but then more money for them glazers! Cant wait to see them on likes off rooney and Nevile kissing that crest šŸ˜‰

  6. If these are the offical shirts I’ll be only buying the home one like always, I like the Cantana style collar and red! Once a red always a red! Yeah when we put a few past the scouse you will be sure to see Neville jumping around doing what he dose best- Showing love for Manchester United

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