I think everybody was the same watching Mexico in the World Cup wishing that the manager would start our new young talent Hernandez who whenever he played he showed the skill that he has. For all the Irish Manchester United fans I’m sure he’s there new favourite player since he got that goal to beat the French who shouldn’t of even been in South Africa but we wont go down that lane.

His goal he score against Argentina was just amazing, the turn he took was second to known. It was something only the best strikers can do. I see him starting a good few of the games next season simply because he scores goals. We need someone else because next season I don’t want to see Wayne Rooney score everything I would much prefer to see the team share goals.We have had this problem ever since Ronaldo got good and its not a great thing being honest.

So next season I’m looking forward to seeing some of Hernandez who is nicknamed Little Pea

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  1. yea hes really been looking good. But lets not jump to any conclusions. Does anyone remember Kleberson? he was a disaster with us really poor player and he had a great World Cup 2002 (I think)

    So lets give him a few months in the League before falling in love with him

  2. Very true that but please don’t bring Kleberson into thoughts when were talking about Hernandez, lets think good for this player and hope that he has a great future with Manchester United.
    But don’t Brazil overate players, for example last year I think it was that Lucas got young player of the year. And now there saying Doglas Costa has to skill to become to be samba footballer of all time. They need to settle and get real.

  3. I Think hernandez is a great young talent who can bring alot to united! and lay pressure off berbatov and rooney.. he is great and his goal against argentina was amazeing they way he turned the argentina defence and scored a cracker on his left foot.

  4. Yeah he has the touch now please good he can bring that to Manchester United. Will be such a bonus if he scores more goals. He’ll then be a favourite in our Stretty End 😉

  5. Berbatov isnt shut he had a bad season! if your goona think that about a united player and everyone starts to think it den he will have no confidance atal!.. Once his a united player will support him

  6. That’s the way we should all be but you have got to remember when you pay a massive sum of money like 30 million on a striker you want nothing but goals from him. I think next season is his last if he can’t prove to the fans and more Fergie. Its a topic my self and WatchMUFC talked alot about on ManUtdPeople.com isn’t it…

  7. yeah if he dont do it now he can **** off.but i think he will prove himself!..and for fans who say his shit he had one bad season give him time.

  8. Yeah Andy Cole did that for us and the following season nobody could stop himself and York from hitting the back of the net. If we get our three strikers playing well scoring goals the next few years for us manc’s will be happy one’s for sure!

  9. I think it is a fantastic point to raise. i believe he is a young genius to be.. he will shine through the premier leaguelike berbatov tried to do.. he will be a great asset to not only united as a whole but also our prodigy rooney.. his movement and fotballing brain will work wonders with our wonderkid.. MUFC for life

  10. The kid has potential to be a very good player for us and i hope and pray he come through for us next season. I’m trying to not get over confident with his ability because i have seen good player come to our club and failed to deliver for us.
    I think he’ll get a good amount of games this season and if Fergie rests Rooney like he said he’s gonna do for a few weeks then Hernandez will get a chance to show his worth

  11. Yea Fergie confirmed before the World Cup that players that are taking part will have a break till after the first month so he’ll get his chance soon anyway. He had a great campaign anyway delighted for him! Some Mexicans call him there jewl of football 🙂

  12. welcome this Two footed player 🙂
    both are awesome goal … in WC
    b4 world cup friendly match 3 goals 2 matches … and weekly player of the year by Goal.com
    Report says he is te highest sprint player(19 kmps) in world cup ,(goal.com)
    enough hype to be welcomed at OT for the next season 🙂

  13. well in chivas he ad a good star he made 6 goals in 3 games
    so hope he does the same in manchester united
    cause thats almost the new star of mexico
    so good luck to him

  14. tanx well yes i have and thank to him chivas did alot of come backs and won the games
    also he was a good factor for chivas to do the mexican leagues record as winning the first 8 games in a row
    and well i guess he is the best mexican player for now

  15. Yeah I couldn’t understand how Franco started ahead of him, what was that about? So your a Chivas fan I guess.. Your more then welcome here to StrettyNews seeing you came on a let us know what you taught of Hernandez.

  16. yes i know
    alot of mexicans are mad at aguire for the bad dicitions he made
    alot are happy that he left cause he mostly gave the game agains argentina
    he took out guardado the best player of the game so far and well it causted them the game pretty much and well put bofo bautista against argentina wich was a bad idea but well to bad wait 4 more years for the dream again

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