Get Off Rooneys Back

Seeing England were knocked out of the World Cup on Sunday and Wayne Rooney didn’t score in the campaign there were lots of people giving him plenty of hassle on both Twitter and Facebook. As soon as I saw all this, I thought about the England team in the World Cup and I couldn’t think of a single key player that has played to his ability. You not going to go far in a tournament if your best players are finding it hard to preform. But why was Rooney being pointed out? Ok he didn’t score as I said but did he get a chance to, when your the best striker in the World you will find that managers will have there defenders man making you at all times.

Also at the end of last season Rooney was finding it hard to get back to full fitness for Manchester United and then he was put on the England squad to South Africa and giving to role of scoring goals. Quality managers should know that when a player is fit you can’t depend on them. Rooney should of been brought on later on in the U.S.A game because he would of made a massive impact. It was clear he wasn’t fit, almost crystal clear!

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  1. yeah…. already his morale was bashed by capello and other J**ks.
    we know how Rooney plays for united …. the RED devil’s Main man .

    come on Rooney Forget te past ….. Get Ready for te Season …

    want TO see wayne Rooney of manchester united .. miss em so much…

  2. Everytime England fails in a tournament all fingers point towards United players and i’m not surprised he’s being bamed for it all. Once he scores for Manchester United that’s all i care about

  3. Rooney never looks happy playing for England I think. He only does it because he knows he will get slated by the press and opposition fans if he turns his back to England.

  4. I think England is full of over-rated players anyway. Look at Barry, tell me how he is international quality. Poor Carrick didn’t get a game when he could of done something that no one else did and that’s spreading the ball about. Ok he didn’t have a great season but why bring him if your not going to give him a go eh?

  5. Yeah Stretty i agree..Fabio rates Barry as ” Amazeing” and waited to see was he fit. when he is clearly not.i think england should get rid of Fabio.. Rooney will have pressure on him to score next season too

  6. I have talked about this to a number of people and most of them said the manager has to get rid of John Terry, he’s nothing but a trouble maker. The way he came out, he had no right! He has a big mouth and that dose nothing but cause arguments. He should of been sent home.
    Fabio has no control over the England team looking at what when on with the picture of Rooney with “FCUK U” wrote on his show. That shouldn’t be going on with professional footballers!

  7. Fabio had everyone in England with very high hopes going to South Africa and it was a amazing pity what went on over there not just the terrible results but the behavior was bad. There should be something done about it but who’s going to win England the world cup? Sir Alex Ferguson maybe but no chance there not getting near him haha. No Fabio isn’t the problem its the players; mainly John Terry!

  8. No, if you ask me its just Italians with football. The mix of England and Italian is a total mess of a cross breed. You see the English team play fast football and other teams like to slow it down which never goes well and the Italians are scared to come out of there own box because there way to defensive. Italian football is now facing a decrease in talent over this because they wont play young players because they think thats a risk. Like why in the name of god didn’t they bring Rossi with them, a player that spent some years playing for us scoring the odd few goals and now doing it in spain. They need to sort it out before other countries take advantage of it.

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