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Get Off Rooneys Back

Seeing England were knocked out of the World Cup on Sunday and Wayne Rooney didn’t score in the campaign there were lots of people giving him plenty of hassle on both Twitter and Facebook. As soon as I saw all this, I thought about the England team in the World Cup and I couldn’t think of a single key player that has played to his ability. You not going to go far in a tournament if your best players are finding it hard to preform. But why was Rooney being pointed out? Ok he didn’t score as I said but did he get a chance to, when your the best striker in the World you will find that managers will have there defenders man making you at all times.

Also at the end of last season Rooney was finding it hard to get back to full fitness for Manchester United and then he was put on the England squad to South Africa and giving to role of scoring goals. Quality managers should know that when a player is fit you can’t depend on them. Rooney should of been brought on later on in the U.S.A game because he would of made a massive impact. It was clear he wasn’t fit, almost crystal clear!

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