Second hand news re: Stoke 2-2 Man United

Most readers will be upset a perfect start to the season has died an ignoble death, the tombstone reading Stoke 2-2 Man United. Relax. It could be worse. Recent guest writer, Chris, who offered five reasons United would continue its 100% record through September, has...

Henrikh Mkhitaryan: A Little Help, Please

As Manchester United ruthlessly wears down opponents, then scores at will, it’s easy to praise the finishers while forgetting the primary source: Henrikh Mkhitaryan. As a boy, I would play football with classmates in the schoolyard during recess. Inevitably,...

Four down, 51 to go for Manchester United

In putting four goals past West Ham in its season opener, Manchester United did something it hadn’t in 2016-17. Jose Mourinho’s squad kept its foot on the gas until the final whistle. I think we can all agree Manchester United’s biggest problem...

Mourinho’s code of honourifics

A recent Jose Mourinho interview revealed two things: he hopes to manage Manchester United for 15 years, and, if not one of honour, he at least has a code of honourifics, ESPNFC’s Mark Ogden is suffering through a difficult journalistic assignment at the moment....

Wayne Rooney channels his inner Allan Quatermain

When a long relationship ends, people have been known to sit in the dark afterwards, wondering what the other person is doing at that very moment. Thanks to internet and social media, you don’t have to wonder when your ex is Wayne Rooney. I know, I know. If...

Don’t read too much into Man United’s preseason debut

In 2014, Man United’s preseason opened under Louis van Gaal with a 7-0 victory over Major League Soccer’s Los Angeles Galaxy. As we all know, everything went downhill from there. Fans were filled with hope seeing United again dominate an opponent in an...

A View from The Opposition: Ajax

The season reaches its climax in dramatic fashion on Wednesday in Stockholm for the Reds in the Europa league final.  It sees Manchester United face up to Ajax Amsterdam.  Remarkably considering the illustrious European of both clubs, it will only be... Read More | Share it now!

A view from the opposition: Celta Vigo

The recent draw for the Europa League semi-finals was much anticipated.  Fans were speculating as to where their next destination on the road to Stockholm (hopefully!) might be.  Both Ajax and Lyon have been opposition in recent years, perhaps... Read More | Share it now!

Proud to be a #RojoRed

Good defending is a fine art. Great defending is a dark art. Marcos Rojo is looks increasingly like someone who can become a great defender at United. There were times under Louis Van Gaal where Rojo played like he was streaming the match on a... Read More | Share it now!

Has the torch been passed?

The best transitions are smooth and seamless. They’re neither forced nor rushed. For the entire season, Manchester United has been criticised for its heavy dependency on Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s scoring. Two questions were consistently... Read More | Share it now!