Anthony Martial vs West Ham

The Boleyn farewell should have signalled Van Gaal’s own goodbye…but it probably won’t

I do sometimes wonder about the priorities of my fellow modern football fan. The desperate grasping for another, largely undeserved taste of Champions League football. Reaching for an indelibly dull dream. A dream which seemingly crashed and burned amidst high emotion and rank, bloody stupidity in the East End of London on Tuesday night. It’s […]


Marie Antoinette was a Man United fan

Louis XV’s haughty wife is alleged to have said of starving citizens begging for bread, “Let them eat cake.” Whether or not she did, one thing is certain. Pope Francis I’s spoiled little brat–there were more fringe benefits for employees of the Holy Roman Church in the eighteenth century–handled the French Revolution little better than Manchester […]


Why FA Cup success should by Van Gaal’s swansong

Manchester United’s last minute winner against Everton on Saturday gave fans something to smile about in a season of almost systematic lows, in which highs have been very few and far between. After the dull, mind-numbingly boring football served throughout the campaign, United played with purpose and desire, snatching a last-minute goal to spark the […]

Manchester is my heaven

Learn to play poker from Sir Alex Ferguson

Football is arguably the most popular sport in the world, and has evolved to become the most popular sport to bet on. Played in virtually every country, no other competition inflames the passions and spirits of both fans and players to such a degree. According to statistics portal Statista, the European market alone is valued […]


United’s situation is far from unacceptable

Words are often over-used. On the weekend, for instance, I overheard an announcer describing the  reaction to a long putt made at the Masters as the crowd “going wild.” Certainly they applauded more than politely, and cheered in the bargain, but that is hardly going wild. Golf has easily the most timid crowds in sport. In tennis, […]


Manchester United MUST get it right this summer

Manchester United have been linked with Neymar, Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo in the past and undoubtedly will be again this summer. So many of the previous transfer windows under both David Moyes and Louis Van Gaal have been filled with speculation of United going for players they, in reality, had no hope of getting. […]